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From the very beginning, Core Website Management was designed to be the "Core of all things".

Here is the scoop:
About a decade ago 3 separate contracts hit our development team all at the same time:
1) A multi-national multi-language translatable website
2) A high level ecommerce website with custom shipping rules and financial management
3) A complete business management solution capable of managing staff, information and resources of an emerging enterprise.

Instead of building custom solutions for each client as would be normal for a custom software production house, we decided the in the end bite the bullet and combine all three projects into one large software solution that is capable of doing all of the above (and then some).
Boy were we in for a bumpy road! 

For those that are not initiated in this area of expertise, writing generic software is at minimum 4x to 10x more complex then writing simple custom software for a company.  At every turn one must assess the customer's needs while also anticipating what the needs would be of an almost unlimited amount of future customers before they even request certain features from you.
Once decided, one must also deliver the first custom solution on-time and on budget for the original customer while committing to the massive amount of excess work! 

After many years of hard work, we can safely say: 
"It was not fun"
But we can also easily say:
"It was well worth it!"

Now over 15 000 hours of development later, we have built a software package that we are not only very proud of, but is also equally loved by many clients world-wide!