Advanced Link Management

Link Management CMS Strategies
A very common problem of websites is broken links.
A broken link occurs when one page links to another page that does not exist. This incidentally happens over time during the management of a website when one page links to another and weeks / months down the road, the designer or customer changes the page name or deletes the page without realizing it was being linked to.
The end result is not only frustrating to the visitors of the site, but also negatively hits the SEO of your website and puts a downward push in your Google and other Search Engine rankings.

How do you solve this?
a) Well you can keep a huge chart detailing all of your links in a separate document or spreadsheet and waste oodles of time
b) You can use third party tools to "scan" your website in order to let you know where there may be dead links and fix them one by one manually
c) You can run software that automatically maintains all links for you as you manage your site therefore you never have to worry about dead links again.

If you chose option 'c' give us a call.