Advanced Price Management

Advanced CMS Price Management
Business logistics is often the most sophisticated aspect of ecommerce website management.  Ecommerce can be associated with so many "rules":
  1. Products often have different pricing at different dates (for example placing items on sale for limited time)
  2. Products or services can also differ for different customers that may view your site
  3. Pricing may differ based upon geographic location
  4. Delivery fees may change based upon geographic position
  5. Pricing may also change based upon volume purchases
The list can go on and on.  

Needless to say:  "We do that"

Through the development of Core, our enterprise development team has thought all of these details through and have created an easy and intuitive way of managing all of the above details and more!

In short:
The Core Website Management price management approach meets the needs of even the most complex price management requirements. Our fully customizable price management technology makes it easy for highly sophisticated price management to be done within a short number of clicks.

With each and every client, we consult with you to ensure that our software will perform the way you desire.    After all, we have built the entire solution from a "scratch".  

Anything is possible with Core.