Any Merchant

Ecommerce Credit Card Clearing Moneris Beanstream
There are definitely advantages to having a software package that can rapidly integrate with any ecommerce merchant.  
1) You are never limited to a specific vendor and that vendor's pricing scheme
2) As your ecommerce endeavour grows, you can quickly change between vendors that suit your specific model
3) You can offer different types of clearing to your customers if you have very specific needs or credit cards that need to accepted.

Core Website Management was built with object oriented principles that make it extremely easy to add ecommerce merchants to Core. Therefore if you already have a preferred merchant for your enterprise, there is no need to change when you switch to us.  If you would like your selection of any merchant, well, the option is there.

At present Core Communicates with:
Moneris, Bean Stream, Authorize .net, and a few other not-too-well-known vendors for ecommerce clearing.