Automate Shipping Fees

Fully Automated Shipping Fee Calculation
If your shipping carrier does not provide an "API" to handle automatic shipping, Core can enable you to specify your own custom "Rate Table" in the software and the software can use that rate table for calculating shipping fees for your customer.  At present, this technologic approach is in beta as we do not have many requests for this kind of feature.  None the less because we own 100% of the source code, anything can be made possible through Core Website Management.

Our philosophy is:
If we can automate as many areas as possible and remove the requirement of your manual work, we can directly help you become more successful and in doing so cause an enjoyment of your workflow in ways that you have never experienced before.
It is this aim that always sits at the center of what we do and we are glad to have impacted as many lives as we have with our streamlined approaches to business and information management.