Core Website Management

At Core Management Solutions we strongly believe in that in our continued to efforts to create the world’s best software to the best of our ability, it is important to provide some of the world’s best and most secure hosting solutions as well. Core Management Solutions website hosting services are generated from some of the world’s top rated hosting facilities located in the same server farms as other giant technological organizations like Google Walmart and Major banks.
Core already hosts sensitive and proprietary information for government and other highly secure private contracts therefore you can be rest assured that your information will always be held secure and in confidence.
Our multi homed serving environments assures a 99.9% uptime and our multi tiered fiber optic backbone allows for the streaming of high demand websites with ease and affordability. No matter what your need, or hosting is capable to provide for you.

Core hosting fees come packaged as a part of your Core monthly lease therefore there are no hidden surprises when it comes to knowing all of your fees with Core Website Management.

Advanced spam filtered email services also come packaged as a part of your hosting service. Through Core Hosting you will be using the same high powered spam filtration technology that most enterprise level businesses also use therefore your email performance will be unparalleled to any other solutions provider.

We strongly advise that you always host your Core website through the Core Management Solutions hosting technology for multiple reasons:
Core Website Management is continually going through revisions and improvements that often come to you free of charge as a service provided to you. The only time you’ll pay for a Core Website Management update is when custom changes are need be made to your website to facilitate some of the improvements in the software. These would be quoted to you prior to any updates and will always be affordably priced as that is art and bug fixes the core management is always free. Bug fixes and product improvements are best delivered in environments where we know and have configured the server ourselves. Once your site is hosted at outside of the core management solutions server farms, there is no guarantee of the scalability and performance of Core Management.
That being said, there have been are large contracts in the past that have requested to host Core Website Management on their own servers and in those rare occasions we create custom contracts that assure the success of their web presences in their environments. This service comes as an added cost to core and also forces update fees for every update rendered to the software.
Also: Core Website Management deploys some specific custom security configurations and other configuration on our web servers in order to ensure quality performance is observed at all times. If you have any questions about core hosting services to contact us and we are more than happy serve you.

As an added bonus, Core Website Hosting also provides high level web statistics that allow you to quickly and easily see all of the activity of your website in order for you to track your search engine optimization success and keep track of your site viewing trends.
Fore more information on Core Website Hosting please Contact Us .