Fast & Easy Customization

Fast and Easy CMS Customization
Because of Core’s object oriented approach to website development, we have found that most web templates can be tied to Core in a matter of small hours and not days like most other CMS solutions.
Once done, business logic decisions can be decided and depending on the complexity of each website, Core can drive a finished website from scratch regularly within only 7 days of project commencement.  It normally takes more time for the client to write content for their website then it does for us to build their site from scratch.

For higher level web sites with more complex demands, custom logic and even additions to Core can be made readily and quickly.  We have become quite proud of our turn-around times on projects and because of our ease of application building, Core makes it easy to remain on budget for the clients we serve. There are rarely hidden surprises on the projects we deliver. 

The only surprises we tend to see these days are when the client gets really excited about what they are seeing and want us to immediately expand the scope of the project to assume more.  We of course cautiously say yes if the timing is right.  we love what we do and we love sharing it with you!