Geographic Rues Made Easy

Localized Shipping Taxes CMS
In countries like Kuwait and Bahrain, geography plays a major role in shipping automations.  

Core is built to be able to fulfill even the most complex of international rules for shipping.  Every customer is unique and our custom consulting services will make sure your needs are being fulfilled with Core Website Management.

Because Core Website Management evolved from a blank sheet of paper and our team owns 100% of the source code.  Anything can be done quickly and easily without utilizing custom plugins that might eventually break in the future.   We have learned that with shipping and ecommerce, stability is key and we have worked hard to make a solid backbone for your site that can support just about anything you may throw at us.

If your business requires special fees, taxation or other principles that need to be applied based upon geographic location, don't concern yourself.  We will make all of the above seamless and easy with Core.