No Templates Needed

Unlike most other content management software packages that limit you to pre-established templates, Core is able to adapt to any website, any template and any layout design. Even 100% mobile sites can be driven from Core Website Management.  
Best of all, custom websites can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of what it would normally take through any other content management software or development team.

Now you may already know, a good looking website is only the beginning.  Every Core website is designed to be highly SEO capable with automatic SEO features right out of the box.  Core is also completely customizable to any SEO scheme without needed to know a penny of HTML.

How our Template / Grafting services work:
Together we:
a) For the very cost conscious we select a template from a service like Template Monster or any free website template vendor.  Since Core is 100% customizable to any template type, you can choose Joomla, Wordpress, Wix or any template that best reflects the "look" you desire
b) For those that are looking for a high level upgrade to an existing site, we audit your site and design an approach to graft your present site brand onto our CMS.
c) We employ our  "Channel Partners" and pair you up with an artist that will best give you a 100% custom design to suit your needs.  We work with some of the best the industry can offer.

Once your site is designed and put in place, we assist you in learning how to use your new software.

If you are a talented Programmer or Graphic Artist and would like to try your hand at joining our team of Channel Partners, please contact us and we can begin the interview process.