Paypal Approved CMS
PayPal is normally where it all begins.   Even though per/transaction PayPal is more expensive than regular ecommerce transactions, with PayPal there is no up-front or monthly costs for using PayPal unlike their competitive counterparts.  

It is this beginning cost savings that makes PayPal so enticing for upstart ecommerce websites.

Core Website Management quickly and easily ties to PayPal by simply providing your PayPal email address.  From here you can benefit from our enterprise level expertise while leveraging the cost effectiveness of the PayPal payment gateway.

Upgrading in the future to more traditional ecommerce gateways is as easy as setting a single dropdown, entering your new ecommerce merchant info and clicking save.

If it is your preference, PayPal can be set to run in parallel with your normal ecommerce merchant service.  This allows your customers to use their PayPal account for their purchases if it is also their preference.