Core CMS Pricing
Even though core can easily be sold as an enterprise quality CMS solution for many thousands of dollars per website, that approach has not been the direction taken by our Core Website Management Design Team. Nor will it ever be.

It has been our aim from the very beginning to make Core Website Management affordable for almost any budget and any need; from startup to 'enterprise' level demands.

Core Website Management uses a unique "lease" approach to software services. With this approach you only pay for the parts of core you will be using; so even though Core expands to fulfill the needs of very large and demanding and expensive websites, if you are a startup company or private enterprise, Core can still be a perfectly affordable fit for you.

Basic core lease rates start at only $25 - $35 / month (CAD, USD) and includes hosting and high level (spam filtered) email services.
Ecommerce websites average around $35 - $75 / month (CAD, USD) based upon needs and demands.
Larger multi-national or custom software development is also affordably quoted for just about any budget.

We treat every client as 100% unique and with this strategy we will be unable to post standard lease rates for Core Website Management. Rest assured however, Core Website Management can be made affordable for almost any budget.

The first stage with Core is to simply give us a call or request a free demo and one of our consulting staff will be more than happy to gain an understanding of your specific needs and customize an affordable plan to suit your requirements. We never pressure in any way therefore there is no risk in contacting us.
We have worked tirelessly to not only create an application that is fun and easy to use but is also scalable to fulfill just about any site imaginable. We look forward to hearing from you.