See Every Area

Reporting and Pie Chrts
Core makes it possible to see every area of your business and make good strategic decisions because of the strong SQL database backend that drives your enterprise.  SQL is an industry standard for large enterprise database management.

Though Core, you can create your own reports with a grapic user interface instead of learning database commands.  Alternatively,  you can contact us to use our high level programming wizardry to make 100% custom reports in an affordable and time effective manner.  This is because of the unique Object Oriented approach we have developed for Core Website Management.

Where reports in other systems may cost thousands of dollars to build, we will only charge hundreds.  And if old reports used to cost hundreds, often we can deliver the same report using Core for well under hundreds.

Every client is unique and we treat your reporting needs as such.  Complete with graphs, pie charts and anything you may need.  Our reporting techniques are second to none.  

From industry reports to customer trends, we are here to support you and enable you to actually support yourself through custom reporting driven by you.