Affiliate Management

Affiliate CMS Management
Proper affiliate marketing has been known to make multi-million dollar enterprises successful seemingly overnight.

The ability for people to link to your website and when a purchase is made, have an incentive paid back to the affiliate is a powerful marketing strategy.

With Core, any affiliate can link to any page within your website and the system will automatically contribute that traffic to the affiliate without need of landing pages.
Alternatively affiliates can also use technology like this: and automatically your Core driven site will remove the affiliate name and give that affiliate credit for the referral.  Once you get paid from the transaction, the affiliate will be notified and referral payment can also be made at your convenience.

Affiliates can also log into your web portal and see their affiliate traffic generated each month.  You as a manager will also be able to see your top performing affiliates at a glance in order to promote proper incentives with your affiliate team.

In essence Core strongly supports affiliate marketing if this is the direction you desire to take your organization.