Channel Partners

Thank you for your interest in Core Management Solutions. At present, we are expanding our international Channel Partner relationships. Channel Partners consist of talented consultants and capable companies that work together with the Core Management Solutions team to fulfill the many and varied requests of our shared customers.

Channel Partners immediately share in the great success of "synergism" with all other Channel Partners and the Core Development team by banding together to provide revolutionary turn-key solutions for all of our shared customers. Through Core Management Solutions Channel Partner program, vendors like you can often extend their service offerings and provide services to customers that previously were beyond their expertise. This allows you to keep customers you may have lost in the past as well as improve the satisfaction of each of your customers as a part of your ever growing business.

An example:
If you are a graphic artist, you can now experience the benefits of working with hundreds of developers to provide for your clients that may request high level programming expertise.
If you are a programmer, you can now experience the benefits of working with high level graphic artists and marketing professionals that have serviced the needs of many household name (large) companies and even small companies in their past
If you are an established design firm that already provides turnkey solutions, you can experience the benefits of added scalability through our teams and our highly capable software solutions.

Through our Channel Partner teams anything is made possible. Our aim to develop long standing relationships with one another, and improve the lives of each other on a daily basis. We are looking to partner only with groups and individuals that conduct themselves with integrity, honesty and efficiency.

Do you work in such ways?
Can you benefit from our team environment?

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