Core Development Strategy

CMS Development Strategy
Visual Studio Express and its partnering free SQL Server Manager is all you’ll ever need to build applications using Core Website Management. All database logic is tucked behind our sophisticated API and surprisingly to most, direct interactions to our API is not even needed because of our highly capable object oriented wrapper that consumes our extremely large API system.  It took over 10 years to build what now is affectionately known as Core.  Core however does use the latest approaches in .net design and has stayed up-to-date with the many advancements in the development world.  

Through Core Website Management, a developer can even allow their customers to personally pre-configure their own database with exactly the fields they want to store without any intervention from the development team.  No need to learn database or even programming syntax to do so.  Our GUI makes building your core database even easier than building an excel spreadsheet.  
Once the general framework has been built (either by the client or the programmer), wrapping business logic or rules around the stored data is extremely simple.  In-part because of .net but in large part because of what Core has done to .net.

Core Website Management simply removes the need for large learning curves of syntax and design in order to develop highly capable .net websites  (both for the professional developer as well as the end client).