Custom Application Development

Custom Software Development CMS
You already have a great website and it is time to take the next step.
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You have been working with a team that has "dropped the ball" and are looking for a team of professionals that can swoop in and rescue you from the situation while also giving you a favorable outlook on your future.

That is what we are here for.

Core Website Management was begun as a generic custom application for 3 clients back about a decade ago.  Our entire company was founded on proven consulting and programming techniques for building custom application and we have in essence built a generic solution that can easily customize to your needs.

Custom application building is our forte and our Core software package is proof of that great success.

A little about Core Website Management:
Core Website Management makes it easy to design 100% custom driven online software applications using proven Microsoft .Net technologies and millions of lines of custom code.
Core operates like an operating system for websites and is comparable to operating systems for computers.
If you happen to be a .net programmer, Core has been made to make your life extremely simple.

If are a veteran PHP or other solutions provider, Core is still very easy to learn and build custom applications for.  I know it is hard to convince you as a PHP programmer that Core could be faster than what you already do but the question is, have you even used .net for more than 1 project or 1 month in your life?  If you answer is no, then you really need to think again and take a look at what you are truly missing.  How can one "judge" a sports car until they have driven in one and first-hand compared one to another.
Core Website Management has been responsible for convincing many PHP and Java programmers to move to .net because it is so simple and there is no need to learn all of the enterprise .net principles in order to make lethally effectively custom applications through Core.

First steps:
Obtaining a free copy of visual studio express will be your first start toward a new life in creating custom web developments for your customers.   Core is even easy enough for non-programmers to get started.  Really it is!

Through Core you can now complete your projects done in a fraction of the effort and a fraction of the time that would normally take through any other language solution but talk is cheap.  you will have to experience this first hand for yourself.  Our training teams are here to help you walk through the learning curve and make the transition as easy as humanly possible.  

Give it a try, you have everything to gain and very little to lose in comparison.