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Own rights to the source code of a 100% customizable enterprise (.net) CMS solution for the fraction of the cost of a scratch build.
Over the years we have built many enterprise level solutions ranging from:
Multinational Ecommerce Solutions
Chat and Technical Support Solutions
AI driven smart technologies for smart enterprises and more.
Through this time we have created a truly unique CMS tool that can easily quickly customize to suit the needs of an entry level to enterprise business.    There are many powerful CMS solutions out there that one can use to manage their website, but how many can boast that they can not only compete with the largest like Joomla And Wordpress while still giving you direct access to the development team that built the software.  Better yet, we will offer you 100% of the source code needed to manage your web presence and even train your team to maintain your software completely autonomously from our team.  This gives the keys of control to your staff and offers you the capability to own a million dollar application at a fraction of the cost.

How it works:
Step 1:
You contact us and we get an idea of exactly what your needs are.
Step 2:
We calculate how much of our massive application you will need to utilize for your solution and also figure what needs to be specifically custom built to suit your needs
Step 3:
We quote on the cost of either building your solution first then training your developers after, or training your developers to customize our software to suit your needs right from the start
Step 4:
With the given specification, we together build your specific solution as required.
Step 5:
At the appropriate time, we divorce your solution from our enterprise application and give you 100% control over the source code that makes your site run as smoothly as a nuclear clock.

You only every pay for what is quoted and only ever purchase the rights to the areas of the software you use.  If you desire to obtain 100% of the source code of our advanced CMS, that also can be quoted and purchased under a strict Non Disclosure Agreement.

Because each client need is unique, you must contact us to get the ball started.

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