Free Core Training For All

Free Training and .NET Support
We desire to empower our clients and Channel Partners to build Core driven websites to the best of our ability.  That is why we always keep the senior architects within reach of our development partners.  On a weekly or monthly base the Core Development Team will host conference presentations for all developers world-wide.  Through these meetings we discuss new features being added to core, new best practices for approaches as well as new features your clients may want to add to the software.

Often we can employ Channel Partners or other individuals to build solutions that have been asked of us corporately as well as purchase source code that may be able to added to Core as a primary object (so long as the developer has kept to the guidelines set-forth by standard core Best-Practices).

It is our mission to make sure that every site or web application driven by Core is completely stable and of the highest quality at all times.  While still remaining affordable for the client and profitable for the Channel Partner of course.  

We commit to serving you however we can in order to assure your success in working together with our teams.