How We Work

Each relationship we nurture is unique.  There is no need to fit anyone into a box.  

  1. We spend time with you to gain an understanding of what you need, what you want, as well as what you desire
  2. We then forecast possible solutions for both the short, medium and long term for your group and develop affordable plans to make it all happen
  3. Then we together decide on the right plan of implementation.  For example:
    • We can build and maintain systems for you
    • We can build the systems then teach you how to maintain the systems on your own
    • We can teach you how to build the systems with our assistance then you can autonomously continue to build in the future without any need of our further intervention. In essence we train you to be able to do our jobs! This strategy empowers you to hold the keys to your own kingdom and no longer be dependent on us in any way. We have even made arrangements in the past with certain clients to disclose 100% of our source code (under NDA) so that they truly have the reigns of complete control over their own software from end-to-end. In truth, anything is possible with our team. Just ask.

For the record:
We regularly often work as an invisible service provider to what we call "Channel Partners" in the industry.
Channel Partners are highly skilled professionals that have extraordinary expertise in areas other than software development or IT.  We then join efforts by invisibly working with the Channel Partner to design solutions that fulfill their end-client's needs.  The end client need not even know that we were involved as an outside party.  There are many advantages to this relationship design:
As software providers, it is simply impossible for us to know the intimate details of every one of our clients that use our software.   However Channel Partners already have that deep and intimate relationship with their clients and by combining our efforts we can build solutions that perfectly suit each client, while also deepening the relationships that are already in place. In essence this is a win-win for everyone.
This strategy also enables us to focus more on developing the most solid software application for you while the Channel Partner focuses on making your enjoyment of the systems we build as high as possible.  The end result is a much more solid service and customized experience for each customer we serve.  Our aim is to keep customer satisfaction extraordinarily high both from a Channel Partner perspective as well as an "end user" perspective.

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