Mailing List Management

Mailing List Management CMS
Subscription based communication is often the life-blood of your organization.  They keep your audience interested and continually "thinking about you" as they go about their daily lives.  

Having a good mailing list management software package often makes the difference between a marginally successful enterprise and a globally dominating presence.

Core Website Management makes it simple to manage email subscriptions or broadcasts to hundreds of customers.  With Core, your mailing list technology is centralized to your website management and ecommerce approach therefore you can have the best of every world at all times.  There is never a need to purchase outside mailing list technology with Core.

Core Website Management has not been designed for spam, therefore you email server will remain spam free. With Core Website Management you are able to manage multiple e-mail broadcasts and handle an unlimited amount of subscription lists with no fees per broadcast and no fees whatsoever over and above the standard Core hosting arrangement.

As you would expect, Core mailing broadcast technology is tied directly to your product management technology and report management technology. Therefore you can now report on preferred customers and quickly create email broadcasts for those customers as targeted marketing initiatives.