Multi-Language Management

Multi-Language CMS Management
Managing language translated websites can be clunky, time intensive, confusing, expensive and frustrating.  

Core language management technologies try to make your life a lot simpler in many ways:
  1. Core ties directly to Google translate in an attempt to use the industry's best language translation technologies to translate your site
  2. We embed language translation of each page "in parallel" as well as "in isolation".  What do we mean by this?
    While you manage a web-page through Core, directly at that page you can translate that page content into as many languages of your choice.   Alternatively you can go to a separate area in core and see all pages that are not yet translated and do a large whole-sale translation of a site.  This comes in handy when you have dedicated language translation staff that need not navigate through your site to manage information.  Through this method they can bruit force through website content and translate all information in one large initiative.  
  3. While navigating through your site you will quick counts of how many translations are available or missing therefore intuitively knowing which pages are missing languages is easy.