Privacy Policy

Core Management Solutions hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Company".) stipulate "Personal Information Protection Policy" as stated below to protect your personal information. Web Site Privacy Policy

  1. Collection, Use, and Distribution of Personal Information
    1. Principle of Collection
      The Company will only collect your personal information for the following purposes: exchanging information, sending announcements or greetings following the social customs, providing the information of our products and services related to transactions, conclusion and execution of contracts, and managing other transactions. When such a collection is made for any other additional purposes, the Company will clarify the purposes and obtain your prior consent.
    2. Principle of Use and Distribution
      When the Company uses and distributes your personal information, we will do so only within the scope of the purposes clarified in advance.
  2. Sharing the Personal Information
    The Company may share your personal information among all Crystal Commercial Group companies, however, will do so with the prior announcement of sharing.
  3. Respect of Personal Rights
    The Company will respect your personal rights pertaining to personal information. If you request the disclosure of your own information, the Company will comply insofar as adequate within a reasonable length of time. Also, if you request correction or change to your own personal information, the Company will comply within a reasonably short period of time only if your identification is verified.
  4. Proper Management of Personal Information
    The Company will implement appropriate safety measures to protect your personal information that we collected and take adequate measures to prevent unauthorized access, falsification, leakage, and loss.
  5. Compliance with the Laws and Regulations
    The Company will comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to personal information stipulated in Belize as well as the Company's regulations.
  6. Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Management
    The Company will protect and manage your personal information in an adequate manner. We will also audit and review the management of your personal information on a regular basis to make improvements.
  7. Inquiries regarding personal information
    The Company will use the following address as our common contact in Crystal Commercial Group to receive your inquiries regarding personal information.

Core Management Solutions
(Public Relations Department)
E-mail: info at Core Management Solutions . com
7 Dickens Dr
Barrie, ON
L4N 5C4

Refund / Return Policy

License returns will be honored within 10 days of the purchase date for the following reasons only:

  • Error made in order processing (for example, wrong products shipped, wrong quantity shipped, incorrect registration number, duplicate product ordered, wrong platform and so on)

To be considered for a refund you must send an email to returns at core management solutions.com within 10 days from purchase date.
List the following information in the body of your email:

  1. Your order number
  2. The date of order
  3. The version of Windows that you are running (if necessary)
  4. The name of our product that you have purchased
  5. Please describe the issue and/or reasons you are no longer wanting to use the software

All shipping and handling expenses are non-refundable.
Upon receipt of your request, all eligible refunds will receive a credit within 7 to 10 business days. Due to billing cycles, the refund may not appear on the same credit card statement as the original charge.
Please note that, except for the reasons listed above, Core Management Solutions carries a no-refund policy on Software Licenses or Services.
We do not warrant the contents of the Software Product or that the software itself will be error free, regardless of whether the product has been distributed via CD or an electronic download; but will work with you to quickly resolve any bugs you may experience. Any errors created by mis-use or mis-management of the software by the client will remain the sole responsibility of the client. We may or may not quote on a rate to repair any issues resulting from possible mis-use or mis-management of our software solutions.
Software bugs do not constitute a right to return a product as all bugs will be fixed in a timely manner (regularly within 30 days of reporting the bug).
Returns will not be provided if a software key has been provided for the purchased software. Upon return it is expected that the client will destroy all remnants of Core Software from their computer(s).

Delivery Policy

Core Management Solutions provides enterprise level software solutions to businesses across the globe. Software package downloads are provided with CD keys required to operate software. Core Website Management operates as a custom configuration of Core Central Servers and is not available for host in third party hosting facilities due to the nature and sensitivity of the Core Website Management Solution. Many custom configurations must be performed on a server in order for Core Website Management to function smoothly.

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