SEO Training

SEO training by our team
Proper Search Engine Optimization is what often makes or breaks a website.  Yes we can charge you to optimize your site to rank top in Google without paying for adwords or the like, but we would rather train you how to do it yourself.

Yes we make less money in the end because in fact by the time we are finished our jobs, we will have trained ourselves into obsolescence for your company or group, but we would rather have a wealth of empowered customers than a wealth of dependent customers working happily us.

The whole goal of the Core team is "Empowerment" through and through.  We empower you to manage your own site, we empower you to be able to build your own custom solutions while leveraging our software, and we empower you to optimize your own website in ways that dominate the space you are looking to take control over.  
Don't grow dependant on us, let us equip you to fire us and sing our praises to all those within your reach.  That is more than likely how you have been referred to us and we thank you for paying it forward once we train you how to do your own SEO for your own website.

If you would like a more hands off approach however without the time pressure of a learning curve, well we can do that.
Just give us the keys, we'll optimize your site, get you ranking top of the list and then off we go!  Once a site has been well Search Engine Optimized, it is difficult to remove it from the top of the totem pole.  
We will either teach you how, or do it for you.  The choice is yours.