Simplify SQL Management

Sql Management Without Learning CMS
Let’s face it: Even with Microsoft's new "Linq" approach, managing and navigating through sql can be a daunting task for individuals that have never worked with databases before. With Core Website Management, there is never a need to learn sql or any sql syntax for that matter.   In fact, with Core your database will be tucked behind a data access layer within the software which is then wrapped behind an extensive API and which is then further wrapped inside a high powered, object oriented development approach. Therefore, all you’ll ever need to know about managing your database through Core is how to use a standard and simple .net objects.
This is almost too good to be true, but our 15 000+ hours invested into building core will attest to the validity of the above statement.

Through Core, your custom database can be completely configured through the dynamically driven administration panel and as long as you understand basic principles of .net programming like defining strings and populating repeaters, you will be "ready to go" using Core Website Management in no-time. To our knowledge Core is unparalleled in its ease-of-use for development professionals and learning curves are truly minimal for building CMS driven solution using our software.