Video Management

Video Management CMS
The era of online video is here!  YouTube has changed the world by providing free video streaming to the entire internet but there are disadvantages to sharing your videos through YouTube.   

First let's talk about the advantages:
1) It's free!  
2) The streaming service is solid with very few glitches
3) It is easy to use and allows your videos to be searched passively by the entire web of people looking for good video content.

The disadvantages:
1) Because the videos are not controlled on your server, streaming of the video is out of your control.  It is not easy to wrap certain videos around security permissions for example
2) The videos are not hosted under your domain name therefore traffic can be lost by the video streaming public

Now there is a way to get the best of both worlds.  Through Core it is possible to imbed YouTube videos therefore you can gain all of the advantages of YouTube if you would like to maintain the SEO performance of that service. Core also allows you to stream and store videos exclusively on your website as well.  This enables you to keep some videos private while also leveraging our high quality fiber optic services to stream your needed video data.
Rest assured all videos you upload to your server will remain "Yours" and not exposed to a public space like YouTube.