What We Have Built

The Core Management Solutions team has built a very robust but generic platform that can wrap around any business logic (much like how an operating system can successfully wrap around any software package).  

The High Geek Answer:
In essence we have built a generic, non plug-in based software that does:
Ecommerce, Blog, Social Networking and other high level CMS Duties with ease, that is built upon .net technology and is affordable to customize for small organizations yet scalable to handle multi-million dollar enterprises.

The Business Owner Answer:
For hundreds to low thousands of dollars the software systems we have designed can be custom tailored to adapt to your business model or custom business logic without the very expensive price tag associated with custom software development.  In essence, we are poised to be the stop-gap solution for emerging enterprises that need custom work to be done but simply can't afford the high price-tag associated with a leading professional IT team.  Our software effectively enables us to drop the price of custom software development down to a level where anyone with a reasonable budget can do amazing things.

The Software Developer Answer / Concept:
Our  well-established software makes turn-around times ferociously fast and new software solutions extremely stable because everything that is "new" is firmly built on a backbone that has been established over many years and has proven to be very stable.  Team requirements are also made smaller because we have "trimmed the fat" from the development process.    Less hands in the kitchen results in faster turnaround times in large projects and a more streamlined product in the end.  This strategy also leads to a far more elegant relational dynamic between all parties through each project lifecycle.  
The short scoop:  Cost stays down, effectiveness stays up, turnaround time remains quick, client happiness stay high and developer enjoyment of the project process stays equally high.
Thus: We all have fun together and simply get a lot done while having fun.

The Short Financial Answer:
The short story is that using our software solutions, our team of highly skilled work-from-home developers can now build software solutions that is normally worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for mere tens of thousands. And build solutions worth tens of thousands of dollars for mere thousands.  

Not all of our clients need to use our software.  Sometimes using our software to solve certain issues is like using an elephant gun to swat a fly.  However our skills to fulfill any need is here to serve you.

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