.net CMS Software

Microsoft .NET Programming CMS
Core Website Management has been built off of Microsoft’s revolutionary .net technology using the language of C#.  Microsoft .net is a highly efficient and highly capable framework that supports enterprise level software solutions across the globe.  

A huge advantage of .net technology is that it allows web developers to build applications in a fraction of the time it would take when compared to using PHP, Java and other alternatives.  This is made possible by .net's extensive class libraries that are available to all developers right from the first install.  
In short .net is second to none and falls into a class of its own.

To expand upon .net's well established brilliance,  Core Website Management contains many tools that further optimize the developer experience.  These tools greatly reduce the time required for applications built with Core.  Often what would normally take hundreds to thousands of lines of code can be accomplished with one simple objected oriented command through Core.  It is true and we can show you in 5  minutes or less!
That is just the tip of the iceberg however when it comes to the many advantages of working with core and .net.
From rapid brand deployment to intuitive designs approaches behind high level business logic. Core stands apart from every other CMS we have seen on the market.

Core Website Management is built form a solid and proven software technology that has graduated through many years of testing.  We are very proud to be sharing our great achievement with you.